Poker Alice in the Old West

Mar 25, 2021


Welcome to Steel House Poker Club's page dedicated to the fascinating life of Poker Alice, an iconic figure in the world of gambling during the Old West era. Join us as we explore the gripping tale of this legendary female poker player, renowned for her exceptional skills and memorable adventures.

Alice’s Early Life

Born in England in 1851, Alice Moffit later became known as Poker Alice due to her love for the card game. In 1860, her family immigrated to the United States, settling in Virginia City, Nevada. It was here that Alice's gambling journey began.

Life on the Mississippi

After the death of her first husband, Alice moved to Leadville, Colorado, where she met her second husband, Frank Duffield. The couple spent years traveling on riverboats along the Mississippi River, encountering a vibrant gambling scene at every stop. Alice's poker skills sharpened during this time, and her reputation started to grow.

The Wild West

Alice and Frank eventually made their way to the Wild West, where they settled in Silver City, New Mexico. Here, Alice ventured into professional gambling, playing in local saloons and making a name for herself as an exceptional poker player. Known for her charm, quick wit, and impeccable skills, Alice quickly gained respect and admiration from fellow gamblers.

Confronting Lawmen and Outlaws

During her time in the Old West, Alice had several encounters with lawmen and outlaws. One notable incident was her confrontation with a notorious outlaw, which resulted in a high-stakes poker game. Alice emerged victorious, winning both the pot and the outlaw's admiration.

An Unforgettable Legacy

Alice continued to play poker until the early 1900s, becoming one of the most celebrated female gamblers of her time. Her exceptional skills, resilience, and the audacity she displayed in a male-dominated industry continue to inspire players worldwide.

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