Cash Games

Steel House Cash GameNot only is the Steel House the best place to win big in tournaments, we are also the premier place in town to play cash.  From No-Limit Hold ‘Em to Pot Limit Omaha, the Steel House is the place to play.  You’ll love our Rake-Free Poker Tables, our professional dealers, our comfortable atmosphere, and our attention to detail.

For all cash games, a Seat Rental Fee must be paid in advance at our cage.  Rates are $15 per hour, but are assessed on a per minute basis, saving the player money as compared to other rooms who charge in full increments of 30 minutes.  Our advanced system makes it possible for players to play as long as they like, without being interrupted twice an hour for collecting time cards, which adds great value.  Less interruptions means more hands dealt per hour, which means more pots to win!

Our current cash game play is as follows:

Thursdays Bella’s Game Night (Join Her Facebook Group!) $2-$5 PLO, $1-$3 NLH and $1-$3 ROE

Fridays $2-$5 PLO, $1-$3 NLH and $1-$3 ROE

Cash Giveaway Saturdays! First 5 people get 50¢ on the dollar! They buyin for $200 and receive $300 (must be there before 6PM must play for a minimum 2 hours) Games are: $2-$5 PLO, $1-$3 NLH and $1-$3 ROE

Sundays Small Ball Poker 50¢-$1 NLH. Minimum buyin is only $40! Come learn the game or just practice in a comfortable no stress game.

Check back here to see what the status is of the cash games that are going on!